About Broadband Forum

Broadband Forum is the communications industry’s leading organization focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards, and ecosystem development. Our members’ passion – delivering on the promise of broadband by enabling smarter and faster broadband networks and a thriving broadband ecosystem.

A non-profit industry organization composed of the industry’s leading broadband operators, vendors, and thought leaders, our work to date has been the foundation for broadband’s global proliferation and innovation. For example, the Forum’s flagship TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol has nearly 1 billion installations worldwide.

Broadband Forum working groups collaborate to define best practices for global networks, enable new revenue-generating service and content delivery, establish technology migration strategies, and engineer critical device, service & development management tools in the home and business IP networking infrastructure. We develop multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing architecture, device and service management, software data models, interoperability and certification in the broadband market.

About BASe

The Broadband Acceleration Seminar (BASe) series is a ground-breaking educational and thought leadership initiative organized by Broadband Forum to keep the communications industry informed on cutting-edge innovations in broadband technologies and standards, ecosystem development, and best practices. Run by Broadband Forum, the industry’s most respected organization for accelerating broadband innovation and deployment, this highly successful series is now in its third year, and provides powerful insights to attendees – typically key influencers from global broadband service providers and suppliers, as well as analysts and government officials. Each BASe series event touches upon one or all of the major areas of focus of the Broadband Forum – 5G, Connected Home, Cloud, and Next Generation Access – and consists of presentations led primarily by the Broadband Forum membership, which consists of the world’s largest and most innovative service providers, vendors, component manufacturers, and influencers.

BASe events are often held in conjunction with major industry conferences. More information about BASe series and upcoming events can be found here.

BASe events are made possible through sponsors who have aligned their brands with these premium events that offer unrivaled opportunities for companies to reach the Broadband Forum’s elite membership base expansive sphere of influence. More information about BASe sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

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